Baby brother, today we celebrate,

Your nursing degree, a shining fate,

Amidst the challenges you’ve overcome,

Your spirit soars, radiant as the sun.

In your footsteps, our mother’s grace,

Her legacy within you, we embrace,

A nurse’s touch, her love imbued,

Guiding hands from heaven’s magnitude.

She smiles down, a heavenly gaze,

Proudly watching your remarkable ways,

Her spirit whispers on each ward you tread,

An angel’s whisper, in every word you’ve said.

With kindness as your steadfast guide,

You tend to wounds, both seen and inside,

A comforting presence, a beacon of care,

Embodying love in your every prayer.

Through sleepless nights and endless toil,

 You’ve nurtured dreams, repaired what’s spoiled,

 A guardian angel, in scrubs and white,

 Bringing solace to those in the darkest night.

Today, we honor your tireless quest,

To heal, to comfort, to give your best,

For your compassion knows no bounds,

As you tend to humanity’s profound.

Wahab, may your journey ahead unfold,

With blessings, success, and stories untold,

Know that our mother smiles with pride,

As you embrace the nurse’s noble stride.

Congratulations on your nursing degree,

A testament to your strength and empathy,

May your path be blessed, each step you take,

A nurse’s legacy, our hearts awake.

With love and admiration true,

We cheer for you, as dreams come due,

A nurse, a healer, a heart so pure,

Congratulations Wahab, yoga yoga,

May your light endure, Alf Mabrouk.

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